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The View Makes The Difference!

Looking at life from different angles best describes the philosophy of my  PHOTOGRAPHY Group. I am always impressed how the same objects, landscapes or even scenes look different through the lenses of my group members, when we reflect the results of our photo sessions.

Two years ago, my vision for the PHOTOGRAPHY Group under the umbrella of PGITI was to bring together a group of people who enjoy taking photos, want to share their photos with others & optionally gather feedback from other group members on motives/techniques and to learn some basic tips & tricks to ultimately achieve the photo quality they want. We meet on a monthly base, enjoy getting together to chat and take photos. The themes for our shootings change every month.

After two years as the group leader, I think we have formed a very special group and I really enjoy being with them. It gives a good feeling to be together with people sharing the same passion for photography and today I can say we are not just the PHOTOGRAPHY Group, we are true friends.

One of the most often asked question during the last years was: Do I need a high quality camera to join the group? Can I make really good photos with a simple camera?

And the answer is: FOR SURE!

I think the quality of the camera is secondary. The most important thing is the person behind the camera. Your view of things makes the photo quality, the camera is just an executional element to get there. If you like to join the group, you really don’t need any special equipment or experience.

Are you someone who enjoys taking photos? It will be a real pleasure sharing more of the groups pictures with you. Feel free to contact me any time, easiest way will be a mail to urietmann@aol.com.

PHOTO ART Uta Rietmann | urietmann@aol.com