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I  seek to share my impressions through the medium of photography in much the same way writers, painters, and musicians seek to evoke feelings and reactions through their media.
I am born and raised in Germany and I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My interest in photography started about 10 years ago, with capturing the evolution of my two sweet cats Tiger & Panther. Through years of practical experience as an intense hobby, I carved my style towards Black & White doing my own development at home. With my move to the US, I have devoted my passion for photography into a profession. I am still focussing on B&W through Digital now.  


Inspiration & Motivation
Capture special moments through the lens of my camera as they happen. Whether people, animals, nature, urban or industrial scenes, it's the atmosphere of that special moment that one can not plan for that counts for me.

Urban Life:
People and their way to live, casual moments, street scenes as they happen day in day out. Getting the one picture requires a good eye, the ability to see and compose it all in a split second, and often some luck as well. Street photography is one of my passions. While I don't not aim to exposing people I want to capture the essence of a moment reflecting in cities around the globe.
I am not a planner that travels to famous landmarks to take the perfect picture. I just travel through the world with my eyes open to capture what I see as the miracle of mother nature. Animals, plants, or the four elements themselves, I capture what is special to me and bring my impressions from different continents back to you.
Laughing Children:
I love their smiles... I love their innocence!!! Children provide me with inspiration and they are among my greatest teachers offering me valuable lessons on how to create more joy in life. They express pure joy and to catch these moments is just fun!!!
Natural light is changing constantly. Position of the sun, clouds, fog, rain, snow, shadows, etc, impact the atmosphere around us and I get inspiration to capture these unique light compositions. For my portrait B&W shooting I exclusively work with natural light sources to get you this special atmosphere.
I started my devotion to photography with capturing my two sweet cats Tiger & Panther. Still today, I love to take pictures of cats around the world. To see and capture how they explore and complement the world around them, and how they present their own personalities is something unique and very inspiring to me. 

PHOTO ART Uta Rietmann | urietmann@aol.com